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Success, in other words to catch fish, and specimens at that, is the main motivation for many to go fishing with a fly rod. This is the reason why we travel far and wide in countries where there are other species in large numbers and of specimen dimensions.

Fly fishing on our native River Töss is always pleasant but catching large and specimen trout in Patagonia is more appealing. To spend many hours on the water in order to bank an Atlantic salmon is a special achievement but to catch a dozen or more pacific salmon in a morning is also fun. And who would not prefer to catch a ten or even fifteen kilo salmon instead of one weighing three kilos?

I cannot guarantee the capture of a metre long lake trout of the species Salvelinus namaycush but I know where they are. I have caught such a fish and know people who have caught 5 (five!) of these specimens over a meter in a day. Grayling over 50 cm have been caught by others but still not by me - I was once near when I was fishing below Lake Lois, a massive black shadow threw my hook in front of me - a good reason to return. When you not only want to look at the pictures of specimen fish but also want to catch them you should come with us. Not only because we know where such fish swim, but because we know from experience which is the best time and other things like: when these fish are taking, what they are taking and with which tackle you stand the best chance - or maybe not which often happens to me. I always console myself with the saying:

“The fisher is only fighting for a fish; the fish is fighting for its life”.


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