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After being successful, that is after the fly fisher has caught a lot of fish including specimens, he recognises that a few centimetre more or less are not of great consequence. To have a day’s fishing or to go on a fishing trip becomes more important. Enjoying nature and being with friends becomes the good way of life.

A short while ago I caught a specimen salmon on a bad fishing day – the pleasure was very confined. Nowadays, I get more pleasure when fishing with friends who are successful and I can photograph that special look on their faces. My wife Heidi and I have had countless fabulous fishing days on waters all over the world where the numbers caught were kept in limits and we still saw and experienced things we shall never forget.

You can only experience adventure when you are ready to look for it. Mainly in Canada, in Yukon, but also in Alaska and in Patagonia it is still possible to find adventure. None of us, including you, should put things off for another day! Setting priorities also means that experience, adventure, the unforgettable capture of a specimen fish are much more than just a faster and larger car!

Live what others dream about!


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