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Switzerland – a paradise for fly fishers and fishers

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Discover the fly fishing paradise Switzerland

The thousands of kilometres of clean brooks and rivers in the alps, which are available to us all - including foreign fly fishers, mean that Switzerland is a real paradise for fly fishing.

Above all, the Cantons which issue fishing licences on the Permit Basis to all fishers and fly fishers are particularly interesting – we make special mention of those we consider the most important: Bern, Graubünden, Tessin, Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Fribourg, Jura and Waadt.

The licence, or as we say in Switzerland Permit Prices, are very reasonable. For example, the prices in Bern are:
CHF 190.- a year for people living in Canton Bern
(youth permit CHF 55.-) and
CHF 380.- for non-residents (youth permit CHF 110.-).
A seven day permit for people living in Canton Bern is CHF 80.- (youth permit CHF 26.-) and
for non-residents CHF 160.- (youth permit CHF 52.-).

In each of the mentioned Cantons the water systems amount to many hundreds of kilometres and, bearing in mind the world-wide fact that 90% of the fishing takes place on maybe 20% of the available water, fishers looking for that special place will certainly find something - some of the waters have rarely or never been fished. A real fishing paradise costing almost nothing.

I have personal fly fishing experience in Canton Schweiz, not far away from Zurich, where the brooks like the Alp, Sihl, Muota and many more offer fantastic sport.

We should not overlook the fact that most Cantons have a good number of mountain lakes which offer fly fishers very special sport as our blog “Fishing the Oeschinen Flats” shows.


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